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Simón Bolivar’s Republican Imperialism: Another Ideology of American Revolution


This article treats the political thought of Simón Bolívar, a leading figure in South America’s struggle for independence. Read the rest of this entry »

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Teoría Estándar de la Decisión y Teoría Prospectiva: Consideraciones Filosóficas Respecto al Cambio Teórico

ECONOMÍA 31 (2011): 55-83

Se describen los principales problemas teóricos y empíricos que afronta la teoría de la utilidad esperada y se examina especialmente el tipo de cambio conceptual introducido por la teoría prospectiva, sugiriendo que podría caracterizárselo como un caso de inconmensurabilidad en el sentido de Kuhn. Read the rest of this entry »

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Exchange Rate Regimes in the Major Latin American Countries since the 1950s: Lessons from History


The paper analyses exchange rate regimes implemented by the major Latin American (LA) countries since the 1950s, with special attention to the period beginning in the 1970s. Read the rest of this entry »

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El Mercado y la Razón Procedimental

LAISSEZ-FAIRE (2012): 61-68

En este ensayo el autor se propone mostrar que la noción de racionalidad más afín a los supuestos del mercado es la “proce-dimental”, propia de la filosofía moderna, en oposición a la noción “sustantiva” de la misma, que está en la base de la concepción cristiana del mundo. Read the rest of this entry »

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Liberalismo Político y Reciprocidad: Justificación Epistémica de Creencias Versus Justificación Moral de Acciones

ISEGORÍA 46 (2012): 279-294

La meta del autor en este trabajo es proponer un nuevo tipo de argumento en defensa del ideal deliberativo de reciprocidad de justificación —que fue inicialmente introducido por el liberalismo político de John Rawls—. Read the rest of this entry »

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Reassessing the productivity gains from trade liberalization

JAEBIN AHN, ERA DABLA-NORRIS, ROMAIN DUVAL, BINGJIE HU, LAMIN NJIE REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS Abstract: This paper reassesses the impact of trade liberalization on productivity. We build a new, unique database of effective tariff rates at the country‐industry level for a broad range of countries over the past two decades. We then explore both the direct […]

Government extraction and firm size: Local officials’ responses to fiscal distress in China

YU LIU JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE ECONOMICS Abstract: This paper studies how government extraction behaviors respond to local fiscal distress in China. We exploit the 2002 Chinese Income Tax Reform which exogenously cut local government revenues from income taxes roughly by half. We find that, when facing fiscal distress, local officials resort to informal taxes, such as […]

Plato’s Concept of Liberty in the Laws

YOUNG, C. HISTORY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT Abstract: In this article, I argue that Isaiah Berlin’s distinction between positive and negative concepts of liberty is useful for articulating nuanced aspects of Platonic liberty, but that this terminology has led readers to fail to grasp the full dimensions of Plato’s conception of liberty and the essential virtue that […]

Hands, Not Lands: John Locke, Immigration and the ‘Great Art of Government’

SMITH, B. HISTORY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT Abstract: This paper looks at the transmigration of peoples in Locke’s thought, particularly the migration of foreigners into England. I pay close attention to the ‘great art of government’ passage in the Second Treatise which shows that rather than exhibiting a hard right to exclude aliens, rulers are obligated to […]

A Schumpeterian Model of Top Income Inequality

CHARLES I. JONES, JIHEE KIM JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY Abstract: Top income inequality rose sharply in the United States over the last 40 years but increased only slightly in France and Japan. Why? We explore a model in which heterogeneous entrepreneurs, broadly interpreted, exert effort to generate exponential growth in their incomes, which tends to raise […]

Gordon Tullock’s Legacy

PETER BOETTKE AND ROSOLINO CANDELA, RICHARD WAGNER, WILLIAM SHUGHART, AND RANDALL HOLCOMBE THE INDEPENDENT REVIEW 23.2 Abstract: Trained as a lawyer and practiced in the arts of war and diplomacy, Gordon Tullock opened economists’ eyes to new ways of viewing constitutional construction, the challenges of bureaucracy, the nature of government regulations, the problem of rent […]

The Hayek-Friedman hypothesis on the press: is there an association between economic freedom and press freedom?

CHRISTIAN BJØRNSKOV JOURNAL OF INSTITUTIONAL ECONOMICS Abstract: The Hayek–Friedman hypothesis states that economic freedom is causally associated with stable democracy. I test a particular element of the hypothesis focusing on press freedom, which is arguably a necessary component of any democratic polity. Combining the Freedom House index of press freedom and the Heritage Foundation Index of […]

The Birth of Pork: Local Appropriations in America’s First Century

SANFORD C. GORDON and HANNAH K. SIMPSON AMERICAN POLITICAL SCIENCE REVIEW, Volume 112, Issue 3 Abstract: After describing a newly assembled dataset consisting of almost 9,000 local appropriations made by the U.S. Congress between 1789 and 1882, we test competing accounts of the politics surrounding them before offering a more nuanced, historically contingent view of the […]

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